Hanuka Tomer

New York, United States

Illustrator, cartoonist

At the age of twenty-two, Hanukkah moved to New York. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in 2000, he quickly became a regular contributor to many national magazines. His clients include Time magazine , The New Yorker , Spin , The New York Times , Rolling Stone , MTV and Saatchi & Saatchi . He is the recipient of numerous medals of the Society of Illustrators and the Society of Publication Designers, as well as the magazine American Illustration and Print.

Tomer , together with his twin brother Assaf , creates Bipolar for Alternative Comics . Bipolar is an experimental comic book series for which Tomer was nominated for the Eisner , Harvey and Ignatz Awards. In 2006, Tomer published The PlaceboMan (Alternative Comics), which collects most of his work from Bipolar. He currently lives in New York.

Published books:

  • The Divine, 2015
  • Overkill, 2011
  • Meathaus S.O.S, 2008
  • The Placebo Man, 2005
  • Bipolar 1–5, 2000–2004

Illustrations on the cover:


  • The Gigolo Murder (Penguin)
  • The Kiss Murder (Penguin)
  • Hammer (W.W Norton)
  • Marquis De Sade (Penguin)
  • Alive in Necropolis (Riverhead Books)
  • Butterfield 8 (Random House)
  • Appointment is Samara (Random House)
  • The Diving Pool (Random House)
  • Darker Mask (Tor Books)
  • The Possession of Mr. Cave (Random House)
  • Fat White Vampire Blues (Ballantine Books)
  • Work Book (2007)
  • Everyone’s Burning (Villard )
  • Crime Files: Shadow Of Doubt (Scholastic)
  • Crime Files: Body of Evidence (Scholastic)
  • Fallen Angels (Scholastic)
  • Glory Field (Scholastic)
  • The Beast (Scholastic)
  • Somewhere in the Darkness (Scholastic)
  • The Cubicle Survival Guide (Villard)
  • Kiss Kiss / Switch Bitch / My Uncle Oswald (Quality Paperback Book Club)
  • Persephone Station (Saga Press)
  • The Lunar Chronicles (2020 edition)


  • “Wage Wars,” BusinessWeek
  • “Recruiting on Spring Break,” The Progressive
  • “The Man Behind the Curtain,” The Progressive
  • “Planet Earth is Dying,” Stanford Medical
  • “Summer Movies,” The New York Times
  • “Nuclear Iraq,” Mother Jones
  • “Terrorist?”, New York Times Sunday Magazine
  • “Escaping North Korea,” New York Times Sunday Magazine
  • “Transportation,” New York Times
  • “Technology,” New York Times
  • “George Clooney is Super Humane,” Kulture Spiegel (Germany)
  • “Future Eagle,” Deliver
  • “Direct Mail,” Deliver
  • “Wu Tang Clan,” URB
  • “Everything is Going Green,” Promo


  • Aesop Rock
  • Jack White (alternative cover art for Blunderbuss tour singles)
  • Bazooka Tooth album cover
  • Father (You’re Not Boring Anymore) album cover


  • Wolverine Chop Shop (Marvel Comics)
  • Un-Men (DC Comics) — 13 covers for the series
  • Midnight Mass vol. I — 12 covers for the series
  • Midnight Mass vol. II — 8 covers for the series
  • Meathaus #3 (Meathaus Press)
  • Bipolar #1, 2, 4 (Alternative Comics)
  • The Big Question (Top Shelf Comics)
  • New Thing: Identity (New Suit Focus)


  • 2016 Society of Publication Designers — Gold Medal for “The Return of Han Solo,” art-directed by Keir Novesky for Entertainment Weekly
  • 2016 International Manga Award — Gold Medal for The Divine
  • 2015 Society of Publication Designers — Gold Medal for “The Man who Discovered Mars,” art-directed by Keir Novesky for Entertainment Weekly
  • 2010 Society of Illustrators — Silver Medal for MGMT album review, art-directed by Steven Charny for Rolling Stone
  • 2010 Society of Publication Designers — Silver Medal for Lost Boy,” art-directed by Matthew Bates for Backpacker Magazine
  • 2009 Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Movie — Waltz with Bashir (Hanuka was part of the art team)
  • 2008 British Design Museum Award — Penguin Deluxe classic edition book covers (Hanuka’s contribution to the series was the Marquis De Sade cover)
  • 2006 Society of Illustrators — Gold Medal
  • 2004 Harvey Award nomination for Best Cover Artist
  • 2004 Society of Illustrators — Gold Medal
  • 2004 Society of Publication Designers — Silver Medal
  • 2003 Eisner Award nomination for Best Short Story
  • 2002 Ignatz Award nomination for Promising New Talent
  • 2000 Society of Illustrators — Gold and Silver Medals

Personal website: http://thanuka.com/

Reference: Wikipedia, 2010



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