Musa Kayra

Nicosia, Cyprus

Cartoonist, graphic artist, poster artist, photographer, animator

Born in Cyprus, Musa Kayra started drawing cartoons in 1979. His caricatures were published in magazines and newspapers; Yeni Düzen, Söz, Kurtuluş, Kıbrıs Postası, Akrep, Ortam, Halkın Sesi, Olay, Kıbrıs Sanat and Toplum Postası (London). He exhibited his own cartoons in Bremen (Germany) once, in Cyprus twelve times; and five times in England. His works have been displayed in International cartoon exhibitions in Turkey, Canada, Italy, Belgium, France,Holland, Cuba, Japan, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Czech Republic, Norway, USA, England, Germany, Scotland, Spain, Brazil, Sout Korea, Iran, Lithuania, Macedonia, Croatia, Ukraine, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia, Hungary and Colombia. His cartoons were among the works which were subsequently published in a book from. In 1973, he made a short cartoon animated film in Turkey. He published a collection called “CIZZZGICIKLAR” in 1983. Since 1989, his cartoons and photographs are being printed as cartoon-postcards. In 1986, with five other friends, he founded the Cypriot Turkish Cartoonists Association.
Musa Kayra is currently the General Secretary of Cypriot Turkish Cartoonists Association, the Assistant Secretary of the Federation for European Cartoonists Organizations (FECO) and the editor of “Akrep”, the humor-cartoon newspaper.
The artist who is also interested in posters, photography and painting was awarded the following prizes in the field of caricatures:

• 1980- “Special Prize”, International “Nasreddin Hodja” Cartoon Competition (Turkey).
• 1981- 1982- “The Cartoonist of the Year Award” Cypriot Turkish Journalists Association (Cyprus).
• 1987- “Second Prize” Muğla Municipality, National Cartoon Competition (Turkey).
• 1988- “First Prize” Burdur Museum Center, National cartoon Competition (Turkey).
• 1988- “Special Prize” Natural cartoon Competition (Turkey).
• 1989- “The Cartoonist of The Year Award”, Necati Özkan Art and Journalist Foundation (Cyprus).
• 1990- “Special Prize”, Cypriot Turkish Peace Association, National cartoon Competition (Cyprus).
• 1990- “Special Prize”, Peace Newspaper, Cartoon Competition (Turkey).
• 1991- “Special Prize” Yunus Emre Cartoon Competition (Turkey).
• 1993- “Special Prize” Human Voice Newspaper Cartoon Competition (Turkey).
• 1993- “Special Prize” Etos Art Assoc., Cartoon Competition (Switzerland).
• 1994-“Special Prize” Int. Taejon Cartoon Festival (Korea).
• 1994- “Second Prize” Etos Art Assoc., International Cartoon Competition (Switzerland).
• 1995- “First Prize”, CTP National Cartoon Contest (Cyprus).
• 1995- “Commemorative Plaque” Int. Ankara Cartoon Festival (Turkey).
• 1995- “Special Prize”, Int. Taejon Cartoon Competition (Korea).
• 1996- “Special Prize”, National Olympic Committee – Cartoon Competition (Turkey).
• 1996- “Prize of Honour” of the Cypriot Turkish Cartoonists Association (Cyprus).
• 1997- “CEKUL Foundation Prize”,
• Theater of Corum, Cartoon Competition (Turkey). 1998- “Prize of Honour”, Int. Peace With-Nature Cartoon Contest (Turkey).

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