Kuznetsov Vladimir

Moscow, Russia

23.07.1939 - 14.01.2020
Vladimir Kuznetsov was born on July 23, 1939, in the Orenburg region. Graduated from the Polygraphic Institute in Moscow, stayed in Pskov after military service in the army. He was a member of the Union of Artists and the Union of Journalists of Russia.
In the 80s, he worked as a cartoonist in the editorial office of the newspaper “Pskovskaya Pravda”, as well as in the “Young Leninist”, was a leading humorous column on the Pskov GTRK, developed trademarks for enterprises, in particular, for the Pskov City Water Canal. He headed the Art Fund of Russia in the Pskov region.
Wide fame came to the author in the 80s. His track record includes diplomas for participation in international exhibitions, publications in various periodicals, including the satirical magazine “Crocodile”, published in the USSR with a six-million circulation, as well as an internship in the same magazine. Vladimir Kuznetsov took part in Russian and international exhibitions in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Japan, Turkey.
The recognition of the artist’s talent is the medal and diploma of the international competition “Satire in the Struggle for Peace” received by Vladimir Kuznetsov from the hands of Herluf Bidstrup himself established by the Union of Artists of Russia and the Academy of Arts.
Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2020

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