Kutasevich Yuriy

Volgograd, Russia



1950.28.12 – 2016

Graduated from Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers in 1972.
The first cartoon was published in 1978.
Participant in more than 40 international and domestic contests.
The biggest prizes are:
Volgograd, “Competition-88”, 2nd place
Odessa, Aquaum-91, incentive prize
Kazan 1993, “Black Gold”, special prize
Kazan 2002, “World against Drugs”, special prize
Kazan 2006, “Move over, you are not alone in the world”, special prize
Network competition “Winter sports”, 2005, Caricatura.ru, prize

Participation in exhibitions:
Personal exposition at the contest of folk talents, Volgograd, 2008. Participant in the collective exhibition “USSR-USA”, USA, 1988.
The participant of several collective exhibitions of the Volgograd cartoonists’ Club, in the late 80s – early 90s.
Exhibition of caricatures in Volzhsky, in 2007, jointly with G. Gorlov.
The author of poems, parodies, stories, publications on the Internet under the pseudonym Volot. Collector of cactuses, labels of alcohol-containing drinks

BEC 2017

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