Kustovskiy Alexey

Kiev, Ukraine


Was born in 1971 in Kyiv.
Graduated from the National Agricultural University in 1993. Specializes in agronomy. First cartoon was published in 1998. Has won more than 55 prizes at the International Cartoon Competitions in 17 countries, among them: Gold Prize in Nanjing, China (“LM”, 2003); Gold medal in Baku, Azerbaijan (“Molla Nasreddin”, 2010); First Prize in Olsztyn, Poland (“Jaka Bede”, 2009); Second Prize in Eskisehir, Turkey (2. International Tourism Cartoon Contest, 2010); Second Prize in Kyiv, Ukraine (“Independence”, 2006); Third Prize in Latina, Italy (“Fra’ Diavolo”, 2006); Third Prize in Braila, Romania (“Braila”, 2007); Special Prize in Kragujevac, Serbia & Montenegro (“Salon of antiwar cartoon”, 2005); Special Prize of Gabrovo Planet Society, Bulgaria, 2009; Special Prize in Prešov, Slovakia (“ZLATÝ SÚDOK”, 2009); Special Prize in Ruse, Bulgaria (“Together for Security and Peace”, 2009), etc.
Personal exhibition: Belgorod, 2010 (Russia)
Collective exhibitions: Pisek (Cartoon Meeting Point Písek-2010), Czech Republic
Contributed to the newspapers & magazines: “Den”, “Vse pro buhgalterskij oblik”, “24 chasa”, “Knizhnik-Review”, “Ukraina”, “Politica”, “Tyzhden” (Ukraine), “Expert-Siberia” (Russia), “Duma” (Bulgaria), “Energivärlden” (Sweden).
Since 2004 is an artist of the newspaper “Holos Ukrainy”.

BCE 2017

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