Kustovskiy Alexey

Kiev, Ukraine


Was born in 1971 in Kyiv.
I have graduated National Agricultural University in 1993. My specialty is agronomy. First cartoon was published in 1998. I have won more than 55 prizes on the International Cartoon Competitions in 17 countries, among their number: Gold Prize in Nanjing, China (“LM”, 2003); Gold medal in Baku, Azerbaijan (“Molla Nasreddin”, 2010); First Prize in Olsztyn, Poland (“Jaka Bede”, 2009); Second Prize in Eskisehir, Turkey (2. International Tourism Cartoon Contest, 2010); Second Prize in Kyiv, Ukraine (“Independence”, 2006); Third Prize in Latina, Italy (“Fra’ Diavolo”, 2006); Third Prize in Braila, Romania (“Braila”, 2007); Special Prize in Kragujevac, Serbia & Montenegro (“Salon of antiwar cartoon”, 2005); Special Prize of Gabrovo Planet Society, Bulgaria, 2009; Special Prize in Prešov, Slovakia (“ZLATÝ SÚDOK”, 2009); Special Prize in Ruse, Bulgaria (“Together for Security and Peace”, 2009), etc.
Personal exhibition: Belgorod, 2010 (Russia)
Collective exhibition: Pisek (Cartoon Meeting Point Písek-2010), Czech Republic
My cartoons have published in the newspapers & magazines: “Den”, “Vse pro buhgalterskij oblik”, “24 chasa”, “Knizhnik-Review”, “Ukraina”, “Politica”, “Tyzhden” (Ukraine), “Expert-Siberia” (Russia), “Duma” (Bulgaria), “Energivärlden” (Sweden).
Since 2004 I am an artist of newspaper “Holos Ukrainy”.

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