Kupreyanov Nikolay

Moscow, Russia

16.07.1894 - 29.07.1933

Cartoonist, illustrator, graphic artist

Was born in 1894 in Vloclavek, now Poland. Since 1901 lived in Saint Petersburg. Studied at art school of M. Tenishova, then in the private studios of the artists K. Petrov-Vodkin and D. Kardovskiy. In 1922 moved to Moscow where he started his career in caricature. Contributed to the magazines “Bezbozhnik”, “Crocodile”, “Pioneer”. Teached at the Higher Art and Technical Studios. In 1925 was awarded with the first diploma at the International Fine Art Exhibition in Paris. Created portraits, still-life paintings, landscapes in various techniques; illustrations to the novels by Russian classics, books for children;  a series of watercolors dedicated to the ships of the Baltic. In 1933 drowned.

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