Kulinich Petr

- 20.01.2010




He was born in 1950. He is an architect by education.

Was born in 1950 in Cherkassk region in Ukraine.
Peter the first drawing published in Sochy newspaper «Chernomorskaya Zdravnitsa» in 1970. In this newspaper thousands of his funny and clever drawings were only pudlished. Moreover his cartoons are published in all big periodic editions of Russia. Participant and repeated winner of International exhibitions and cartoon competitions.
He graduated from Krasnodar Politechnical institute in 1972 in speciality «engineer-electrician» automation of chemico-technological processes». He worked at the enterprises of Siberia ap to 1979. After returning to Sochy he worked at a design institute. Held large exhibitions in Art museum of Sochy «200 funny drawings» in 1989 and 1990. During the same years his book of cartoons «What about you humour?».
He designed books in foreign publishing houses.


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