Xia Da Chuan



He was born in 1969, He is the secretary-general of China Artists’s Association Cartoon committee. Also he is the researcher of Communication University of China.

Contributed to many Chinese media . Since 1996 he began to participate in international cartoon and illustration contests. Won 90 international prizes in Belgium, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Yugoslavia, Greece, France, Portugal, Iran, Turkey, Israel, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, etc.

Was an appointed jury for some national and international cartoon contests, such as the 6th Tehran International Cartoon Biennial in Iran. Published 2 cartoon books and 2 illustration books, and was an editor-in-chief of “The World Cartoonists Series”.

He was invited to the 11th Asian cartoon exhibition in Tokyo, Japan in October, 2006, and the 9th Ridip international cartoon exhibition in France in January, 2008. His fine art works were exhibited at the national and international art exhibitions, such as Australian Art Contest in 2006, and collected in China and UK. CCTV, the national television station of China, produced a documentary about his career and art works.

BEC  2017

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