Krstevski Zlatko

Prilep, Macedonia


Born in 1969 in Prilep. Graduated from the school of fine Arts with a painting major. Member of a ULSS-art society Sabac-Serbia. President on Macedonian center for visual arts «Vizant». Has held 22 individual exhibitions in Macedonia and Serbia (former Yugoslavia).

Participated in exhibitions:

Japan – Museum Omya-Saitama
Tehran-Museum of contemporary Arts – Iran
France – Paris expo mail art 2006
Montenegro Museum of Cetinje
Russia – Museum of communications – St.Peterburg
New York – Art 06-Soho Gallery – USA
Brazil – Рress design expo

Prizes received include:

Special drawing prize – Skopje, 1987
Prize for annual Work, ”Comics”- film junior Society – Skopje, 1987
Comix prize «Students zbor» – Skopje, 1988
9-th September Prilep – city awards for fine arts – 1994
Ecocartoon, Belgrade, Yugoslavia – 2008
Worked a comic artist, painter, mailartist, art performance artist, publisher of small magazine editions, organized-curated on international exposition of comics ,,Art no Border” festival – of Balcan comix, Photo festival ,,UNLIMITED PHOTOGRAPHY “Bitola” and other curatorial projects. Member of World Art Foundation, Vizant-visual art center. Participated in Art colony in Serbia and Macedonia.

BEC 2017

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  1. vizant

    on Saturday December 4th, 2021 at 10:52 AM - Reply

    Krstevski is most important visual artist worked on comic art,cartoon art ,paiting and other art works,humour sculpture worked in Garbatka-Letnisko-plener malarski -Poland.

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