Krshesadlo Jan

09.12.1926 - 13.08.1995

Сartoonist, psychologist, philosopher-logician, poet, translator, musician

Son – the film director – animator Jan Pinkava (born.1963)
Jan Kršesadlo, own Václav Jaroslav Karel Pinkava
He was born in 1926 in Prague. The son of the owner of the glass factory. For unbecoming behavior expelled from the gymnasium in 1942, from the university in 1949. He acted as the author and performer of songs, a caricaturist artist, for several years worked as a psychologist in the Prague clinic. In 1968, after the defeat of the Prague Spring, he emigrated with his family to the UK. He worked as a clinical psychologist, engaged in mathematical logic, contributed to the theory of systems. Since 1982 he devoted himself entirely to literature, in 1984 he published in the publishing house of Josef Shkvoretsky the novel “Singers who feed on carrion,” which received the award of Egon Khostovsky. In 1989 he returned to Czechoslovakia.
He died of cancer in 1995 in Colchester.
In addition to several novels, he translated The Ring of Sonnets by Yaroslav Seifert, a collection of his poems in seven languages ​​(Czech Sedmihlasek). The author of the science fiction poem Astronautilía-Hvězdoplavba (Star Trek) in English and Czech. He left a large handwritten heritage, unreleased poems and prose Krzesadlo continue to be published.
In addition to the main pseudonym (Czech Křesadlo – flint), he also used the pseudonyms Jake Rolands, J. K. Klement, Juraj Hron, Ferdinand Lučovický z Lučovic a na Suchým dole, Kamil Troud.

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