Krotos Tadeusz

Gliwice, Poland


Was bom in 1952. Lives in Gliwice. Since 1962 the artist has been trying to broaden his knowledge about drawings. He is fascinated with works by Salvador Dali.
Since 1990 started his journey with drawings and engravings and in 1996 with satirical drawings.
His works have been published in local, Polish press and four other countries. Also hу has illustrated the books.
Takes part in charity auctions (last time for hospital repair in Gliwice).
Cartoons competitions:
•    2002 distinction in 11th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest in Korea
•     distinction in 2th Polish Contest JPAPKINADA 2003
•     distinction in 12th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest „Game & Sports” – 2003 in Korea
•     distinction Selected Prize in 2th Free Cartoons Web International Cartoon Festival -2004 in China
•     2004 distnction Special Prize in 13th Daejeon Int 1 Cartoon Contest Korea
•     distinction Selected Prize in Seoul World Cartoon Contest – 2004
•     distinction Prize for Excellence – 2004 in 2na China LM International   Cartoon Competition
•     distinction 2005 “Best Cartoon” in 14th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest in Korea

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