Krenner István



“I was born in 1948. I started drawing very early, mainly on the walls of our apartment and the porch, and then the school walls too. My art of this period was appreciated only by my teacher of drawing.
Strange as it may seem, I felt like an artist in the army, where during two years I draw at least ten thousand pictures. Since 1966 I have been working in various youth magazines, and since 1972 in “Ludash Mathi”. In 1982 I became a staff member of this magazine.
I love all the aspects of life and find themes for creativity in its most diverse manifestations – female beauty, the signs of modern time, political “hot spots”, etc.
I draw with pleasure for children. I have been cooperating for many years in the publishing house of children’s literature named Ferenc Mora. In these cases, my daughter-schoolgirls are my first critics.
Participated in exhibitions in Budapest, Moscow, Montreal, Tokyo, Istanbul, Berlin, Prague, Sofia, Basel and other cities. Personal exhibitions took place in Budapest, Shkofok, Szombathely. Received the Golden Prize in Moscow (1972), the Lucifer Prize at Berginen in Belgium (1985)”.
Extract from the book “We are visiting artists of the Hungarian satirical magazine ‘Ludash Math’ of the series “Masters of cartoons of socialist countries”

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