Krasauskas Stasys

Vilnus, Lithuania

Cartoonist, graphic artist

He graduated from high school in Kaunas. In 1948-1952 studied at the Vilnius State Institute of Physical Education and Sports. Repeatedly won the title of the Lithuanian SSR champion in swimming in different styles for different distances.
Graduated from the Art Institute of the Lithuanian SSR in Vilnius (1952-1958). Since 1961 he taught at the Art Institute.
Was buried at the Antokol cemetery in Vilnius.

He created easel engravings and illustrations for literary works in various techniques (woodcut, lithography, linocut, etching). The works are metaphorical, laconic and expressive of white lines on a black background. The most famous works of Krasauskas are the linocut “Youth” (1961), used as the emblem of the magazine “Youth” (“a round girl’s face with wheat ears instead of hair”). It is reproduced on the tomb of the artist.



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