Kozlinskiy Vladimir

Moscow, Russia

23.04.1891 - 17.07.1967

Cartoonist, illustrator, stage designer

He was born on April 11 (23), 1891, in Kronstadt.
The son of a naval officer. He studied drawing and painting in private studios in St. Petersburg. Collaborated in satirical magazines “The New Satyricon”, “Projector”, “Buzotor”, “Chudak”, “Ogonyok”, etc. He directed the creation of the Petrograd “Window ROSTA” (1920), participated in the design of Petrograd on the days of revolutionary holidays. Illustrated the works of V. Mayakovsky (in particular, the album “Heroes and Victims of the Revolution”, 1918), Y. Olesha, A. Green, J. Gaschek, V. Hugo. Since the 1930s he worked mainly as a theater artist. He designed more than 30 performances in theaters of Moscow and Leningrad, some in collaboration with M. Knorre.
The main artist of the Moscow Theater. Leninist Komsomol.
He taught at the MVPHU, professor.
Personal exhibition in Moscow in 1963.
Illustrator of the five-volume “Russian costume. 1750-1917 “(M. 1960-1972).
The author of the book “Artist and Theater” (co-authored with E. P. Frese, published in 1975).
He died July 17, 1967 in the village Snegiri, Moscow region.

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