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Dmitry Kononov, have never considered myself  an artist, just one day, when I was a child, a pencil had slipped into my hand and stayed there forever.  And I took it all in good fun.

I was born in 1963 in a wonderful city of Perm, on the shores of the river Kama, near the Ural mountains.

I entered upon the path of cartooning at school, when I started to copy drawings I liked from different comic magazines in my notebook to amuse my classmates.  But sometimes I cheated and intentionally slipped in among others some drawings of my own invention.  And when they made my friends laugh, I was on top of the world.

But to achieve my first success as a cartoonist, I had to work for a while in a factory as a metal turner and a heat treat operator. I think it was precisely there, somewhere between the lathe and the furnace, I digged out, tempered and polished my irresistible desire to draw ironic subjects

My first cartoons were published in local editions  in 1989, and my first fee earnings encouraged me to turn my hobby into a full-time job.

Since 1989 I have been  sending  my  drawings to Russian and international cartoonist competitions, and  managed to win  several prizes and awards I’m particularly proud of:

Special prize in Chelyabinsk  (USSR) in 1990
3 place in Harelbeke (Belgium) in 1991
Prize in Foligno (Italy) in 1995
Special prize in Istanbul (Тurkey) in 1997
5th place in Daejeon (South Korea) in 1998
Prize in Calarasi (Romania) in 2003
1 place in Perm (Russia) in 2004
Special prize in Germany in 2004
Special prize in Alanya (Тurkey) in 2005
Prize in Legnica (Poland) in 2005
Prize in Daejeon (South Korea) in 2005
Prize in Beijing (China) in 2005 году

Honoured diploma for the contest  «the Swan, the Crab and the Pike» of the international exhibition «the Press»   Moscow, 2006
Prize in Daejeon (South Korea) in 2007

Grand Prix in  Anapa (Russia) in 2007
Special prize in Surgut (Russia) in 2007
Prize in Мarostica (Italy) in 2008
Special prize in Baku (Azerbaijan) in 2010

«Selected» in Bucharest (Romania) in 2010
Special prize in Vasil’yevka (Ukraine) in 2011
Special prize in Surgut (Russia) in 2013
Special prize in Caneva (Italy) in 2015
Nominee for   «Master of caricature » in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) in 2015
Prize in Kriva Palanka (Macedonia) in 2015
Prize for the theme  «Lies» in  Le Piastre (Italy) in 2016
THE BEST CARTOONIST AWARD (one of ten) (China) in 2016
Prize in Caneva (Italy) in 2016
«Honorable mention» in Peer (Belgium) in 2017
«Nominated» in Bucharest (Romania) in 2017

Dmitriy Kononov
BEC 2017  


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