“Collage” 1. Reception in the fine arts, in which materials different from them in color and texture are pasted onto a canvas or other substrate: scraps of newspapers, wallpapers, scraps of cloth, chips, splinters, etc. A work performed in this technique. 2. Receiving an eclectic connection of dissimilar elements (in form, content, quality, etc.). A work created using this technique. 3. Transmission in electronic media, consisting of a variety of messages: ads, music screensavers, various messages, etc.

Collage-a, collages, collages, 1) only a technical technique in the visual arts: gluing on some. the basis of materials that differ from it in color and texture. The art of collage. 2) A work entirely done in this way. Picasso’s Collage “The Bottle of the Aperitif”. Exhibition of collages. • Etymology: From the French collage ‘gluing’. In the Russian language – from the second half of the twentieth century. Encyclopedic commentary: The collage is used in graphics for the sake of greater emotional urgency of the texture of the work, the unexpectedness of the combination of dissimilar materials. As a formal experiment, the collage was introduced by the Cubists, Futurists and Dadaists (gluing to the canvas scraps of newspapers, photos, wallpaper, pieces of cloth, chips, etc.).

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“Collage”, as a technical device, has a legitimate application in the art of caricatures. Gives broad opportunities for creating expressive compositions, both to artists professionals, and to authors who do not know drawing skills.

Comic effect is achieved due to an unexpected comparison of images that give rise to a semantic background. In such “collages” are used all kinds of printed products from photography and to reproductions from paintings. Possible options with partial use of “collage”, when a cartoon contains a combination of graphic and photographic images. Such drawings were fashionable in the sixties of the 20th century.

An interesting effect is the use of a texture pasted onto a drawing that replaces the color fill or shading. “Collage”, as a reception in a cartoon is often used in the design of covers of magazines and books. With the development of computer technologies and the appearance of computer graphics programs, the possibilities of creating highly technical “collages” have significantly expanded, but it should be admitted that, at the same time, the importance of this form of grotesque art has been reduced.

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