Kocan Husamettin

Ankara, Turkey



Born in Bayburt, Turkey in 1946.

In 1970 graduated from the State School of Applied Arts.

In 1978 granted study at the Salzburg International Sommer Akademie Für Bildende Kunst, Austria.

In 1990 – 95 Chairman for UNESCO AIAP International Plastic Arts Foundation, Turkey.

In 1993 received professorship at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Marmara University.

In 1997 became a Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Marmara University.

Hüsamettin Koçan lives and works in Istanbul.  Since 2000, he has also been working on a folk-art museum project to be built in his hometown Bayburt, in Eastern Anatolia.

selected awards:

  • 1974 Sheraton Hotel Art Works Competition, 2nd Prize, 2 Achievement Prize
  • 1976 Intercontinental Hotel Art Works Competition, 1st and Achievement Prize
  • 1978 State Art Prize
  • 1978 Salzburg Honour Prize
  • 1978 Visual Artists May Exhibition, Cunhuriyet Newspaper Private Prize
  • 1981 Today’s Artists Istanbul Open-air Exhibition Achievement Prize
  • 1985 State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition Prize
  • 1985 Ankara Art Assosiation Artist of The Year Prize
  • 1986 Asia Art Bieenial Painting Big Prize – DAKKA
  • 1992 Ministry of Culture Grateful Prize
  • 1996 UNESCO A.I.A.P International Art Association Grateful Plaque
  • 1997 Marmara University Academic of The Year Prize
  • 2000 Nokta Magazine A Prize
  • 2000 Grateful Certificate
  • 2000 Deniztemiz Association Grateful Certificate
  • 2003 Military Academy Forces Service Agreement Acquittal
  • 2005 Art Association (Painting Branch) ‘Artist of The Year Prize
  • 2005 Bayburt Tail of Jornalists Prize ‘Support to Local Education

Reference: husamettinkocan.net, 2015


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