Cobar Nell

Bucharest, Romania

31.12.1916 - 26.07.1993

Cartoonist, graphic artist, illustrator, animator

Remarkable and versatile graphic artist, Nell Cobar (1916-1993) worked in different drawing styles, adapting to several graphic genres: illustration, caricature, cartoon, calligraphic drawing etc. Cobar made his debut as a cinema graphic artist in 1939. The first cartoon he made in 1940 was actually a stockings commercial ad. Nell Cobar created over 40 animation films; he is the creator of the popular Romanian communist cartoon character ”Mihaela”. In 1971 he was awarded a prize at Venice Children Film Festival for the animated film ”Mulțumesc, Mihaela”.

A series of “Masters of the cartoons of socialist countries”, “Urzika”, ed. “Soviet Artist”, 1986

Nell Cobar

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