Kelemen Istvan

Budapest, Hungary


Lives in Baja, Hungary.
Graduated from the University of Art as a cartoonist.
Illustrated more than 100 children books and satirical books.
Participated in international cartoon contest and has won 4 prices so far (2008-2010).
Organize International Cartoon Contest (III. Baja Cartoon Competition 2010. and Selective Cartoon Contest 2010.).
Participate in international cartoon jury. (

“I graduated from the College of Applied Arts in Budapest with a degree in animation and video. I had Marcell Jankovics and Attila Dargay among my masters. My diploma work was Robinzonád, an animation film, which was shortlisted for Kecskemét Animation Festival in the category of first work.
I have been working as a cartoonist since 1976. My first cartoons appeared in domestic papers and periodicals, such as Magyar Ifjúság, Nimród, Pajtás and Magyar Horgász, and I was also a freelance for Ludas Matyi – a popular Hungarian comic paper. Up to date more than a thousand of my cartoons have appeared in local, regional and national publications.
In the past few years I have been participating in Hungarian and international contests, and I have won several prizes.
Since 2008, I have also been organising cartoon contests. At first only Hungarian artists took part, but later on cartoonists from other countries entered too. References: Baja Cartoon Contest I-IV (2008-2013), Selective Cartoon Conest (2010-2012), Axiál Cartoon Contest (2012) and Ice Hockey Cartoon Contest (2013). I did not only organise these events but I was also a member of the jury. I have been invited to other countries to sit in the jury, an honour I always comply with pleasure.
I also promote cartoons from other countries in Hungary. I organised an exhibition for the works of Slobodan Obradovic Serb cartoonist in 2011, and this year there will be an exhibition from the works of the Warsaw Cartoon Museum with the title: Best of the Best – Cartoons of 2013.
I have also been illustrating books since 1987, mainly teen and young adult books and humorous works, although I have branched into school books, too. So far I have illustrated around one hundred books published by the following publishers: Európa, Móra, Szukits, Alexandra and so on, and by authors such as Tolkien, Roald Dahl, Mark Twain, Karinthy, Michael Ende, Marcello D’Orta. I have been awarded the “Nivo Prize” at Európa Publishing Company. Currently, I have benn working on my own children’s story book.

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