Kazanskiy Anatoliy

Kiev, Ukraine

22.04.1949 - 16.11.1998


He was born on April 22, 1949.
In 1973 graduated from the architectural faculty of the Kiev Civil Engineering Institute. He worked as an architect in the project institute Giprohradzhanpromstroy in Kiev.
Since 1987 worked as the main artist in the children’s magazine “Barvinok”, the magazine “Ranok”, a free artist, an artist of the newspaper “Day”, in which he worked until the last day.
After his tragic death on November 16, 1998, for 10 years, every week, his yet unpublished caricatures continued to be printed in the newspaper.
One of the founders of the Kiev club of cartoonists “Archigum”, founded in 1983.
Participant and laureate of many international and national exhibitions and cartoon contests. Artist of the Renaissance – an architect, artist, sculptor, poet, writer, inventor, showman.
His drawings parted time, became images, profound metaphors, which even through years each time show us a new edge of his thought.


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