Kazanevsky Vladimir

Kiev, Ukraine


Cartoonist, illustrator

Was born in 1950 in town of Lebedin, Ukraine.
Graduated from Kharkov State University, department “Cosmic radiophysics” in 1973 and Kiev Institute of Journalism Skill, department “Press artist” in 1984.
Works as a free-lance cartoonist and writer. Has won more than 200 prizes on the International Cartoon Competitions in 40 countries, for example:
– Hidezo Kondo Prize on the “Yomiuri Int`l Cartoon Contest” in Tokyo, Japan (1990);
– Gold medal on the “Yomiuri Int`l Cartoon Contest” in Tokyo, Japan (2006);
– Grand Prix on the World Cartoon Gallery in Skopje, Macedonia (1996, 1998);
– Grand Prix on the 4-th Int`l Competition in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain (1996);
– First Prize on the Int`l Cartoon Competition in Cuneo, Italy (1998, 2000);
– Grand Prix on the Second Int`l Caricature Forum in Dubai, UAE (2002);
– Grand Prix on the 12th Int`l Cartoon Contest in Daejeon, South Korea (2003);
– Grand Prix on the Int`l Cartoon Contest in Seoul, South Korea (2003), etc.

The Personal Cartoon Exhibitions:
Kiev, Ukraine (1985, 1987);
Beolgrad, Yugoslavia (1989);
Constanca, Romania (1991);
Budapest, Hungary (1992);
Bruxelles, Belgium (1992);
Kruishoutem, Belgium (1995);
Prokupje, Jugoslavia (1997);
Antverp, Belgium (1996);
Leuven, Belgium (1994, 1996, 2000);
Tielt-Winge, Belgium (1998);
Oakland, California (1999);
Osaka, Japan (2000);
Urziceni, Romania (2001);
Tehran, Iran (2002);
Dijon, France (2003),
Tehran, Iran (2006).

Has given the lectures on the theory of cartoon art and workshops on the International Conferences on Humor:
Laie, Hawaii, USA (1989); Paris, France (1992); Luxembourg (1993); Oakland, California (1999); Osaka, Japan (2000); Ankara, Turkey (1998);Tehran, Iran (2001);
Bologna, Italy (2002); Dijon, France (2003); Universities in South Korea (2003).

Personal cartoon books “Heads” and “Revelation of Elderly Cupid” have been published in Belgium and Ukraine. The book about the theory of cartoon art “Art of Modern Cartoon” was published in Ukraine in English in 2003.


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