Kazanchev Konstantin

Kiev, Ukraine


Cartoonist, designer

He was born on February 19, 1956 in the city of Osh (Kyrgyzstan).
Received higher technical education and higher design education. Worked in the field of printing and industrial design.
Member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine since 1992.
In 1982 appeared his first publication in the press. Later he was published in many Ukrainian and Union periodicals.
Participated in many collective exhibitions of cartoons. Held several personal exhibitions.
Laureate of international cartoon contests.
In 2001 he organized an international contest of caricatures “Independence”.
In 2002 he registered the Association of Cartoonists (site of the association: wwwcartoon.org.ua).
Chairman of the Board of the Association of Cartoonists.

1987 – 2nd place, Anglet (France)
Incentive diploma, Tolentino (Italy)
1988 – Incentive prize, Moscow (Russia)
2002 – 1st place, Priashev (Slovakia)
1st place, Golden smile, Belgrade (Serbia)
3rd place, 1st WEB-festival (China)
Encouraging prize, “Audin Doan”, Istanbul (Turkey)
Incentive prize, the contest of the International Finance Corporation, Kiev (Ukraine)
Encouraging prize, Kragujevac (Serbia)
2003 – Grand Prix, Priashev (Slovakia)
1st place, Madrid (Spain)
3rd place, 6th Festival of Humor and Graphics, Rome (Italy)
Incentive prize, IFC, Kiev (Ukraine)
2004 – 3rd place, Istanbul (Turkey)
2005 – Incentive Prize, Haifa (Israel)

BEC 2010


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