Carlucho Carlos

Habana, Cuba


Carlos was born in 1946 in Cárdenas.
He studied at the drawing school in Havana. He first tried his hand at the cartoon films of the Cuban Institute of Cinematography (ICAIC), and since 1969, when his cartoons first appeared on the pages of “DDT magazine”, he eventually became a humorist artist.

Carlucho won several national and international prizes: in 1975 he was awarded the first prize of the contest “To be or not to be”, organized by the magazine “Poland”; in 1977 – the second prize and the silver medal of the 111-th Moscow International Exhibition “Satire in the Struggle for Peace”, in 1980 – the third prize of the International Salon of Humor in Montreal.

Carlucho’s works were published in the magazines “Bohemia”, “Prism”, “Cuba International” and “Palante”, as well as in the Soviet “Crocodile”, the Czech “Dikobraza” and the Bulgarian “Styrshele”. Currently, Carlucho is one of the artists of the weekly “DDT”.

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