Kanevsky Vladimir

Moscow, Russia


Cartoonist, illustrator, painter

Born in Moscow, February 8, 1939, in the family of an artist and musician.
In 1957 he graduated from high school.
From 1957 to 1960 – the Cinema Institute.
Since 1957, he was published in periodicals: “Pioneer”, “Ogonek”, “Crocodile”.
Since 1958 – “Funny Pictures”, since 1960 “Murzilka”, “Young Naturalist”.
Since 1959 – books. Publishers “Children’s Literature”, “Little Boy”, “Soviet Writer”, “Soviet Russia” and others.
Since 1975 – the publishing house “Karelia”: “Mummy Troll”, “Chippolino” and others.
Since the mid-90s he left the press, and started painting.

Participant in numerous exhibitions of cartoons.
Member of the Union of Journalists since 1965.
Member of the Union of Artists since 1972.
Chairman of the Moscow caricature department since 1986.
Chairman of the caricature department in the USSR Union of Artists since 1988.

BEC 2011

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