Kallas Olimar

Tallinn, Estonia

Cartoonist, illustrator

Was born in 1929.
Free artist-cartoonist.
He draws cartoons since 1954.
With the revival of the magazine “Picker” (Thunderer) (1957) – his regular author.
Bureaucracy and moral vices are beating.
It also pains the heart for such global problems as the danger of war and pollution of the environment.
He prefers humor, because he believes that a healthy spirit is present where there is healthy laughter.
He published two collections of cartoons: “Acquaintance” (1965) and “Such is life” (1974), as well as a series of comic books for children.
His cartoons are printed in the collections We Have Away Picker, And Laugh and Sin, Beauty Salon, Birken Berstein Blauez Meer, Handicap, and also in the catalogs of the shows “Do not Joke About the Winners!” And “What’s so funny?”, In the album “Sixteen Authors”, etc. Participated in exhibitions in Riga, Vilnius, Leningrad, Lviv, Odessa, Baku, Yerevan, Gabrovo, Skopje.
Illustrated more than 30 serious and funny books and reference books, but so far and not lost faith in the joke.

A series of “Masters of the Soviet cartoon” ed. Soviet Artist 1989

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