Kall Toomas

Tallinn, Estonia

Cartoonist, сomediograph

Was born in 1947 year. The first caricature was published in 1965. Head of the literary part of the theater studio “Studio of the Old City” in Tallinn. Comedian by vocation. Before writing his first successful comedy “Lunch Break”, he edited the humor, born of other satirists, and also painted cartoons. In the Estonian caricature came in 1965 from the pages of “Picker” Printed also in “Sirp I Vasar”, in other publications. Published in many collections of cartoons, albums and catalogs.

Together with Priit Pärn he published a collection of caricatures “Here, under the triumphal arch” (Tallinn, 1977). Compiled an album of cartoons “Sixteen authors.” Participated in exhibitions at home and abroad, in international exhibitions in Tallinn, Poland, Bulgaria, West Berlin, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Japan. He won the second prize in Skopje (1977, 1978) and the first prize in Leningrad (1981). He is grateful to the Estonian caricature, which helped him to become what he is at the moment.

«HOMO NOVUS» Tallinn «Perioodika» 1988 .

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