Kalikin Ivan

Galich, Russia

10.09.1884 - 10.09.1941

Cartoonist, graphic artist, painter

He was born on September 10 (22), 1884, in the village of Shoksha, Kostroma province (now part of the city of Galich).
He studied at the Real School (Kostroma), where he began painting.
In 1909-1912 he studied at the Art Higher School at the Academy of Arts with Professor Ya. F. Tsiglinsky.
After graduation, he returned to Galich, worked independently.
Since 1919 he worked as a teacher of drawing in schools of the first and second steps, then in seven-year schools.
In 1926 he participated in an art exhibition at the State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.
The works “Fishermen”, “Harvest”, “Holiday in the village” were noted in the central press.
Participated in the exhibition in 1926 in Leningrad at the Academy of Arts.
In 1920-1930-ies he drew cartoons for the magazines “Crocodile”, “Chudak”, “Lapot” and others.
In 1926, in the Crocodile contest, the drawing competition received the first prize for the series “Provincia”.
This series of works was published in the journal with the satirical inscriptions of the poet Lebedev-Kumach.
Ivan Kalikin wrote a number of landscapes of Galich.
His paintings “The First Snow” (1906), “Twilight” (1906), “Collecting the Militia for the Struggle against the Poles in 1609”, “Halych Settling by the Mongol Tatars in 1238”, kept in the Galich Museum of Local History.
He is also the author of the pictures “Holiday in the Village” (1924), “Fishermen” (1924), “Murder of the Selkor” (1926), “Lecture in the Farmer’s House”, “Poisonous Mildew” (1930s) and others.
The last years of his life he worked as a teacher of fine arts in a pedagogical school.
He died in Galicia on November 2, 1941.



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