Ivanov Vladimir (Vova)

Moscow, Russia

31.10.1967 - 26.09.2013


Was born on October 31, 1967 in Костроме, studied in Кирове, art formation has received in Yaroslavl, lives and draws ridiculous картинки in Moscow. First was published in 1988 in «literary newspaper». Since then more than 250 newspapers and journals have published his works. Among them: «businessman», «комсомольская the truth», «спид-инфо», «crocodile», «arguments and facts» etc. now is the artist of the newspaper «the world of news».
The first personal exhibition was held in 1989 in Yaroslavl.
The participant of exhibitions of a caricature in Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Korea, Japan, USA.
The winner of international competitions of a caricature.
Grand prix of competition «bureaucracy and reorganization» (1989г.).
Special prizes: (1989-1992). Юрмала, Анкона (Italy), Rome (Italy), Скопье (Macedonia).

BEC 2013

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