Ivanov Vladimir

Moscow, Russia


.. ..1944 – 16.02.1977

He was born in 1944 in the Ryazan region.
In 1968, he published his first drawing in the magazine “Student Meridian”, and a year later received a prize of the international cartoon competition in Yugoslavia. His talent was appreciated at well-known contests of the world: in 1970 he was awarded a special prize in Italy, in 1971 he was awarded a special prize and a silver medal of the World Cartoon Gallery in Yugoslavia and was awarded the annual cartoon exhibition in Canada. Ivanov’s works were won at competitions in the Soviet Union and abroad, he became a laureate of the “Golden Calf” award of the club of 12 chairs of the Literary Gazette.
Worked in the staff of the “Fatherland” magazine, the artistic editor of the Literary Gazette. Many remember him by caricatures in the then popular magazine “Crocodile”.

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