Ivanov Ivan

Saint Petersburg, Russia

03.02.1779 - 25.06.1848

1780 – 1848

Cartoonist, painter, engraver

Ivan Alekseyevich Ivanov is a Russian painter of vedute (genre of landscapes).
Also worked as an architect. Was born on February 3, 1779 in the family of a professor of the Imperial Academy of Arts, which in many ways predetermined his future fate.
He received education in the Academy, then worked at the Imperial Public Library as an honorary librarian and returned to the Academy in 1817 as a teacher of the drawing classes.
On September 16, 1822, was promoted to the rank of “appointed” in perspective painting; and achieved the title of academician on October 12, 1830 for a drawing on the given theme: “View of the main hall and stairs in a luxurious building” (stored in The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg).
In 1812 engraved several caricatures of the French.
His oil paintings were lost, but watercolor and pencil works remain in private collections.

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