Gutsol Oleg

Kiev, Ukraine



He was born on February 21, 1964 in the Ukraine. In 1983 he graduated from the Kirovograd Engineering College.
In 1994 – the Faculty of Journalism of Kyiv State University.
To publish cartoons in periodicals began in 1987.
He was published in “Pepper”, “Crocodile”, “Vozhyke”, “Chayane”, in the newspapers and magazines of the Soviet Union.
He took part in more than 400 international contests and cartoon exhibitions in the USA, France, Belgium, Sweden,
Italy, and in other countries

Laureate of fifteen cartoon contests. The most significant:
special prize in Pisek (Czech Republic, 2001).
special prize in the city of Deva (Romania, 2004).
second place in Seoul (South Korea, 2004).
Since 1996 – editor in chief of the children’s humorous newspaper “Shapoklyak” (Minsk). Member of the Association of Cartoonists of Ukraine.



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