Grisales Raul Alfonso



Cartoonist, illustrator

Cartoonist, illustrator

Born February 19 in 1979 in Bogota, Colombia.
His works appeared in various periodicals such as La Pulga (USA), Adda (Spain), Direccion Industrial (Spain), La Zona Rosa (Pereira, Colombia), Todo Bien (Argentina), La tempestad (Mexico), VW Revolutions (Bogota, Colombia). His works have been exhibited in various countries around the world.

Acknowledgments, 6th International Humor Drawing Contest CAFAM, Bogotá, Colombia, 1992.
2nd place, 1st International Caricature and Graphic Humor Contest “Ciudad de Bogota”, Bogota, Colombia, 2008.
Acknowledgments, 15th International Caricature Festival “Ricardo Rendon”, Medellin, Colombia.
3rd place, International Contest “Christmas Cartoon”, 2008, Brazilcartoon Brazil, 2008.
1st place, International Conteast Zikison, Serbia, 2008.
Prize for Excellence, Great Romanian Personalities in the World, Romania, 2008.
Homenaje, 16 Festival Internacional de Caricatura Ricardo Rendon, Medellin, 2009.
Gratitude, The 3rd Black Cat International Cartoon Web Contest, Azerbaijan, 2009.
Thanks. International Cartoon Festival “MUSSEL & FISH”, Kavarna, Bulgaria, 2009.



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