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American cartoonist born in Titusville. Pennsylvania, on May 30, 1876. H.C. Greening was educated in drawing techniques at the Art Students League and in 1896 began selling cartoons regularly to the New York Herald, Life and Truth. He contributed panel cartoons and one-shot strips to Hearst’s American Humorist Sunday comic section in 1896 and soon was a frequent contributor to Puck. Judge, Life, Harper’s and Scribner’s. For St. Nicholas he drew the children’s series Prince Red Feather.

Greening’s newspaper work was soon confined to the New York Herald again, and there he created such strips as Percy, Fritz von Blitz and the classic Prince Errant. During World War I he served with the American Expeditionary Force as an artist and returned in the 1920s to draw for the McClure Newspaper Syndicate (a kid strip, Eb and Flo) and the Illustrated Daily News of Los Angeles. He was the inventor of Sporty Sam and Funnyfishes toys and developed the Wishbone Man Game, which was based on his Eb and Flo strip, as was a storybook.

At the height of his productive days, between 1900 and 1910, Greening was among the most published of American panel cartoonists. There was a feeling of humor in his work, and he eschewed the obsession with pretty illustrative techniques. His cartoons were nevertheless handsome-boldly composed and carefully shaded. His Prince Errant, designed to replace Little Nemo in newspapers, was a masterpiece of whimsy and visual delights.

the World Encyclopedia of Cartoons 1981

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