Grabovskiy Ivan




He was born on the 8th of March 1878. Russian and Soviet painter, draftsman. Student I.E Repin and P.P Chistyakov in the Petersburg Imperial Academy of Arts (1902 – 1909). The title of the artist is appropriated for the painting “Snow fell out” in 1909.
Member and exponent of associations: “Association of Independent Artists”, “Society of Artists named after AI Kuindzhi”, etc. Participant of the International Exhibition in Venice.
Ivan Grabovsky is a landscape painter, seascape painter, author of a number of genre paintings and satirical drawings. Worked in the manner of the grotesque, perfectly mastered the contour drawing. Known for his satirical drawings in the magazines “The Cannon” (1905, the cover with the famous drawing “His Majesty Proletary All-Russia”), Niva, Lukomorye, The Sun of Russia, etc. The works are kept in the State Russian Museum, many other museums in Russia and Ukraine.

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