Goryaev Vitaliy

Moscow, Russia

Cartoonist, graphic artist

He was born on April 1 (14), 1910 in the city of Kurgan. He studied at the Moscow Vkhutein and the Moscow Polygraphic Institute (1929 – 1934) at S.V. Gerasimov, D.S. Moor and VA Favorsky. The author of satirical drawings on international and everyday topics (published mainly in the magazines Krokodil since 1936, and Frontline Humor, since 1942), works of easel graphics (the series “Americans at Home”, felt-tip pen, watercolor, 1958, the Tretyakov Gallery) and illustrations (“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, Indian ink, published in 1948, and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, ink, watercolor, published in 1962, M. Twain; V. Gogol, published in 1965, the State Prize of the USSR, 1967). Goryaev’s work is characterized by the expression of a generalized drawing that gravitates toward the grotesque.
He was awarded the Order of the Red Star and medals.

Member of the CPSU since 1951.
Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1966).


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