Godines Omar

Habana, Cuba; Moscow, Russia

Cartoonist, painter

Born in Havana, Cuba. He graduated from the San Alejandro Art College in Havana in 1973 and the Surikov Moscow Art Institute in 1985. His first cartoon was published in the Juventud Tecnica magazine in 1972 where he worked as an artist then. Also his works were published in the magazines as Palante, DDT, Literary Gazette, Vokrug Smeha, Krokodil.

1993 — Second prize in the VIII International Humor Biennale, Cuba;
1993 — Third prize in Essen, Germany;
1996 — Third prize in the Advertising — the international cartoon competition, Donetsk, Ukraine.
He is a curator of the International exhibition projects. A teacher of the Art College.

BEC, 2007



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