Goderis Ludo

Bruges, Belgium



Political cartoons Belgian newspaper « De Standaard » (1991 – 1999)

Work by order of BRTN (Belgian television), publishing-firm LANNOO, publishing-firm DIE KEURE, publishing-firm PELCKMANS, RCA Columbia Pictures, ECOVER, I.D.T., N.C.M.V., CBR, Equator, Scripta, VOCA, ARTE&ARTE, municipality of Knokke-Heist.

Member of the jury of the N.V.K.V.V. drawing-contest, Brussels, 1992
Member of the jury of the International Cartoon festival Knokke-Heist, Knokke-Heist, 1993
Member of the jury of the cartoon contest «Hoffelijkheid in het verkeer», Brussels, 1994
Member of the jury of the International Cartoon festival Knokke-Heist, Knokke-Heist, 1997
Live cartoon-drawing during Political Election show WTV, Kortrijk, 21.05.95
Live cartoon-drawing during Lion’s-club benefit-evening, Ieper, 15.03.97
Live cartoon-drawing Braderie markt Brugse Middenstand, Brugge, juni ’98
Live cartoon-drawing meeting-day of municipatilities and Public Health Organisation, Brugge 20/03/2001
Accompany of the workshop “cartoon-drawing” for students of St-Lodewijkscollege, Brugge, April ’96

Selections in:

The Finest International Political Cartoons of our time 1993 WITTY WORLD BOOKS
The Finest International Political Cartoons of our time 1994 WITTY WORLD BOOKS
Exhibition townhall Zuienkerke, dec.95-jan.96
Exhibition « Kunst in de Venetiaanse « + live cartoon-drawing, Oostende, 06.04.96
« Humor in de Vlaamse Beweging » exhibition Ijzertoren, Diksmuide, 1996
Exhibition in the Flanders House, Osaka, Japan, 2003
Designing logo’s, occasion-cards, posters, leaflets and etc.
Caricatures as relation-gifts

International cartoon competitions:

Dutch Cartoonfestival

1999: Prize of the public

Tulip Cartoon Parade, Holland

1995: Prize of KEVER

Yomiuri Shimbun International Cartoon Contest, Japan

1990: Excellence Prize

The Sports Chosun International Cartoon Contest, Korea

1991: Bronze Prize

Okhotsk International Cartoon and Comic Exhibition, Japan

1993: “Works of Special Merit” Prize
1994: “Works of Special Merit” Prize

International Competition for Cartoon, Istanbul Turkiye

1992, 1996, 2002


1992 – a collection of International Cartoons about Columbus and His Trip to America (Witty World Publications)

“Ouch !” New Statesman international Cartoon Competition

1998: second prize (free theme)

International Cartoon Contest Haifa, Israel

2003: Third prize

International Cartoon festival of Knokke Heist, Belgium

1992: first prize Political Cartoon
1993: third prize cartoon contest “Computer”
2001: Knack Cartoon Award
1989: prize of the public
2003: prize of the public
1990: Knack Cartoon Award 1996
1991: honourable mention
1998: prize “Toerisme Knokke-Heist”
2005: first prize GRIP contest
2006: prize Davidsfonds


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