Ginukov Valentin (Ginuk)

Moscow, Russia


Cartoonist, illustrator, poet

He was born on November 1, 1929 in Moscow.
Father: Isaak Samsonovich was the head of the criminal investigation department of the VDNKH.
He was born in the Konyachino village, Smolensk region.
Mother: Claudia Petrovna Nilova is a kindergarten teacher.
Born near Vyazma, Smolensk region in an intelligent family.

He graduated from the Art and Industrial School (MHPU).
In the 1950s he worked in a factory of small cars as an graphic designer. At the same time, he sent to the Krokodil magazine the theme of the cartoon about the bureaucrat said to Santa Claus: “You always come when you are not expected.” The topic was accepted, and later he started to work in the magazine as an independent cartoonist.
Participated in a number of international exhibitions organaized by the Krokodil magazine on the political topics “Satire in the Struggle for Peace”.
He was published in the central mass media (Izvestiya, Pravda, etc.).
He designed and illustrated books. He Illustrated the books of Samuel Marshak and other writers.
In the early 90’s, he moved to the United States (San Francisco).
Published in the Kstati newspaper (articles, poems and drawings).

He was awarded with the Silver Needle prize.
Honorary Member of the German-Soviet Friendship Society.
Member of the USSR Journalists Union.
Member of the USSR Artists Union.
Member of the Russia Artists Creative Union.

BEC, 2013

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