Guerrero Roberto Hernandez

Habana, Cuba

Cartoonist, satirical writer

Guerrero was born in 1938 in Bauta. In 1958, he published his first drawings in the weekly Actualidad Criolla
After the victory of the Cuban Revolution, Guerrero published his cartoons in the Revolucion newspaper and soon became the artist of her literary supplement Lunes. Later he worked in the Cuba magazine and headed the department of literature and art in the Bohemia magazine. Then he was invited as an artist to the Palante.
His satirical drawings appeared in many Cuban and foreign periodicals.
He held some solo exhibitions as “The same hands”, “Vietnam. Confrontation “,” Coffins at the Holiday “, as well he participated in several collective exhibitions in Cuba and other countries.
As an an graphic artist and an author of satirical drawings Guerrero has been repeatedly awarded.

Guerrero not only an artist, but also a writer.

Modern Cuban cartoonists. “Soviet Artist”, Moscow, 1982



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