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gag []
1. 1) a) the gag, the gag
b) plug, plug
2) censorship restriction
3) Expander
4) a); gag; improvisation
b) gag, plug-in comic number, joke, sharpness
as / for a gag – for fun – make a gag of oneself
Syn: joke c) rally, deception, mystification Syn: imposture, lie 2. 1) a) insert a gag b) stop the mouth; do not let them talk 2) apply the expander 3) a) crush, choke … >> gag I [] gags, gagging, gagged … >> gag All I got was a deadpan, so that gag was out – The public did not react , so I ruled out this joke from … >>
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Gag in anime:

(gag, visual gag) is a scene in comedy anime (manga), where humor is conveyed through drawing. An example of a graphic gag can serve as the often encountered in the anime moment, when at the sight of a pretty girl-bisejo, the guys begin to gush fountains with blood from the nose. A special emphasis on graphic gags was put, for example, by such anime comedies as “FLCL” or “Excel Saga”.
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