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He was born in San Francisco de Campeche Mexico on June, 16 in 1966. He graduated in Journalism and Communication Sciences (1986-1990) and in Arts (2006-2009) from Instituto Campechano.
His first cartoon was published in the A toda máquina magazine in his hometown in 1987. He  worked as a cartoonist in the newspapers like Novedades de Campeche (1987-89); El Sur de Campeche (2000-2005)  and Crónica (since 2008); and in a several local magazines as A toda máquina (1987-88), Opción” (1988-1991), Criterios (1995-1997),  El Alux (1992), Polémica (2001-2008), El Aventurero (2009); the regional Sueste (2001-2002) and the national Entre Letras (1995-97) and Lápiz tola (2004).



Speaker at the 9th International Meeting of comics and Participant in the International Workshop of
Graphic Humor in Havana, Cuba (2006).
Selected in the XVI Shows Work Second Millennium Development Goal “La Letra con Humor Entra”.
Exhibition and catalog, held at the University of Alcalá, Spain (2009)
Selected in the Master of Caricature work. Exhibition and catalog in the Regional Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2009).
Selected in the 4th International Exhibition Carcaricature Zagreb 2010. “Car and car inspection validation check” Work. Exhibition and catalog, in Zagreb, Croatia.
Selected in the 2nd International Tourism Cartoon Competition 2010 Exhibition and catalog, in Anatolia, Turkey work.
Selected in the 5th International Cartoon Contest 2010. Exhibition and catalog Braila in Braila, Romania Work.
Selected in the 17th International Cartoon Competition on the Topic of The Golden Keg Beer 2011. Exhibition and catalog in Presov, Slovakia Work.
Selected in the XIII International Cartoon Contest Biblioteka-Library 2011 Exhibition and Catalogue in Zielona Gora, Poland work.
Selected in the 2nd International Cartoon Exhibition 2011 Exhibition and catalog Hymettus, Greece work.
Selected in the 5th International Zagreb Caricature Exhibition 2011 “Help on the road” work. Exhibition and catalog in Zagreb, Croatia.
Selected in the 40th World Gallery of Cartoons Skopje 2012 Exhibition and catalog in Skopje, Macedonia Work.
Selected in the Smileanapa Cartoon Festival 2012. Exhibition and catalog work in Anapa, Russia.
Selected in the V International Exhibition of Graphic Humor Work Stop pollution! Exhibition and catalog 2012 in Lima. Peru.
Selected in the 4th “Red Man” International Cartoon Contest work. Exhibition and catalog 2012 in China.
Selected in the 5th Cyprus International Cartoon Contest “Troika and Greek Financial Crisis” work. Exhibition and catalog 2013 in Cyprus.
Selected in the 11th International Cartoon Contest “Karpik 2013” work. Exhibition and catalog Niemodlin, Poland.
Selected in the 1st Global Mobility Cartoon Contest 2013 with the song “Bus & Coach Mobility” work. Exhibition and catalog in Belgium.
Selected in the 1st International Cartoon Festival Tety Humor Fest 2013. “Theme culture (music, theater, arts, etc.). And free theme” work. Exhibition and catalog in Romania.
Selected in the 1st Cairo International Cartoon Exhibition 2014 Exhibition and catalog in Cairo, Egypt work.
Selected in the X Mostra Internazionale di Caricaturi Web Calligrafiche 2015. Exhibition and catalog in Udine, Italy.


“El Antipoeta X Aniversario”  in the Gallery “Joaquin Clausell” (2005).
“Campeche a la carta y en su tinta”  at the Museum of Caricature Mexico City (2008).
“Campechanos a la carta y en su tinta” in the Art Gallery Domingo Pérez Piña (2008)
“Pensamientos beisboleros” in the baseball stadium “Nelson Barrera” (2011).
“Ríe más alto, más fuerte, más rápido” in Conalep Campeche library (2012).
“Pensamientos beisboleros” in the House of Benito Juárez de La Habana, Cuba (2012).


Medal “Diario de Mexico” of promoting the Best Student Journalism in Mexico (1990).
Honorable Mention option to Bachelor of Journalism and Communication Sciences awarded by the Instituto Campechano (1991).
Mention in the National Competition for Youth Journalism “Felix F. Palavicini” in caricature. Awarded by the CONADE (1992).
State Prize of Journalism in Caricature granted by the Government of the State (1988; 1996; 2005.)
Journalistic Merit Diploma. Awarded by the magazine “Mundo Campechano” (2003).
National Electoral Cartoon Award organized by the PGR, IFE and FEPADE (2004).
Honorable Mention “Robuste” in 9th biennial “Humour vigne, et magie” Jonzac (2010).
Diploma, Exhibition and catalog in the contest “Smilehanapa” in Anapa, Russia (2011).
Honourable Mention in 13th International Competition “Spirito di Vino 2012” in Udine, Italy.


Researcher of the History of Journalism in the Historical Encyclopedia of Campeche. (1998-2000)
Conference “Journalism in Campeche” in the Baluarte de la Soledad cycle organized by the INAH (2002)
Conference “Campeche  a través de los medios” organized by the Academy of Media at the School of Communication Sciences IC (2003)
Workshop Conference “Caricatura Politica” organized by the University Mundo Maya (2004)
Conference “Muertos de Risa. Epitafios, panteones y calaveras” organized by the INAH (2009)
Conference “Caricatura, libertad de expresión en forma y fondo” UNID (2010)
Conference “Caricatura Mexicana Arte en serio” Instituto Campechano (2011)
Conference “Didáctica del Humor” UPN (2011)
Conference “Muertos de Risa. Epitafios, panteones y calaveras” organized by by the Academy for New Technologies, School of Communication Sciences Instituto Campechano (2012)
Conference “Las posaderas de Posada” organized by the Department of Historical and Social Research Instituto Campechano (2013)


“Campeche a través de los medios”, History of the press, radio and TV. Yara Editions (2002)
“Avances tecnológicos en Campeche” Textbook to light. Institute of Culture of Campeche (2003)
“Los Piratas” Tribute to Francisco Gabilondo Soler on the centenary of his birth coloring book Centro de la Cultura Infantil (2007)
“Cementerio Centenario” skull coloring book Secretaria de Cultura-Biblioteca Campeche (2010)
“Carnavales Estudiantiles del Instituto Campechano” made 31 cartoons Reyes Feos from 1970 to 2010 (2011)
“Personajes campechanos. Calendario 2012”. State Government of Campeche (2011)
“Hay monos en la costa. La caricatura campechana”. Instituto Campechane (2012)
“De la patada. El paso de México por los mundiales”. ebook. Biblioteca Campeche (2014)


He organized the exhibition of Campeche cartoonists “Hay monos en la costa” presented in the 6th House (2000) from which a catalog was publish.

He was the creator and coordinator of the National Award Cartoon “Domingo Pérez Piña”, unique in its kind in the country, organized by the Institute of Culture of Campeche, The Conaculta and the Mexican Cartoonists Society (2005-2009) from which 5 exposures and 4 publications of works selected by the jury were made: catalog of selected work “Petróleo y Medio Ambiente” (2005); catalog of selected work “La Pirateria en el mundo contemporaneo” (2006) “Juárez en 3 tiempos” (2008); the book 70 años de expropiación petrolera, Lázaro Cárdenas and Soberanía Naciona” (2008) and “De centenarios and Bicentenarios” (2013).

In his master’s thesis studied “La Caricatura Mexicana del Siglo XX como un Género de las Artes Visuales” (2009)

Created in Campeche Library, a unique  Bibliographic Specialized Cartoon Collection (2010), only one of its kind in the country which already has more than 80 titles.
It is the first cartoonist on his hometown who enters the Mexican Cartoonists Society (2006), an organization that gave him an award for his work of spreading the Mexican cartoon (2008).


It is also the only cartoonist on his hometown, author of the weekly comic strip ” El Pirata” since 2001; author also of the character of political and cultural analysis ” El Antipoeta” since 1995 and is a pioneer of animated cartoons on TV  (Telemar 2009)

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