Fuchsel Franz


16.09.1927 - 03.02.2017

Cartoonist, illustrator.

Danish cartoonist born in Skaerbaek, Denmark, on September 16, 1927. Fuchsel, who also draws under the pen name “Skaerbaek”, became widely known around 1955 when he was part of a team and shared a drawing office with cartoonists Quist and Holbaek. They created a new type of newspaper cartoon and, though having different styles of artwork, they complemented each other extremely well.

Fuchsel, who sells his cartoons throughout Europe and frequently is seen in American media, has a “realistic”, only slightly caricatured style. He is a master of all cartooning special effects, from thin-line to broad brushstrokes – and also does full-page illustrations in watercolors and oil. His several tries as a comic strip artist (Barbarossa) were without much success.

His humor is often centered around classic topics – desert islands, problems with in-laws, etc. – but he is most outstanding when he takes four drawings and works with an often trivial, everyday topic to present a brand-new and funny angle. Outside the cartoon columns, his drawings appear as funny illustrations to ads, as eve-catchers in brochures and on book covers.

Reference: the World Encyclopedia of Cartoons, 1981


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