Fogel V.

Ekaterinburg, Russia


In 1934, funny drawings appeared on the pages of the Ural Worker newspaper with the signature “V.Vogel” (behind this pseudonym were the cartoonists Vasily Fomichev and Gennady Lyakhin). The topics of the sketches are very diverse: from political caricatures of the anger of the day to everyday episodes from urban everyday life. The latter eventually begin to prevail, turning into a kind of graphic “series” with a specific place of action – Sverdlovsk of the 30s, and a through character – an awkward little man who regularly “gets into trouble” in history. Leaky roofs, impassable dirt on the roads, freshly painted seats in parks without warning signs – troubles await the hero everywhere.

However, despite his nondescript appearance, the Fogel eccentric does not give up before the difficulties that stand in his way, and he acts according to the circumstances. He goes to the bathhouse with a yoke over his shoulder, taking with him not only a broom, but also buckets of water. He goes to work in a protective spacesuit, protecting from bricks falling from above and frozen icicles. Turns trousers into shorts with one swipe of scissors. It is obvious that the hero is hardened by everyday difficulties, although he looks in some pages of the series like a foreigner who stepped into Soviet reality from the pages of foreign comics.



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