Fedko Sergii

Kiev, Ukraine

Cartoonist, architect

He was born on May 22, 1962 in the city of Nezhin, Chernihiv region (Ukraine). He graduated from the Bucharest Architectural Institute “Jon Minku” (Romania) in 1986.
Received the title of Master of Arts in Architecture and Planning.

The chief architect of one of the construction firms in Kiev.
At the age of fifteen he published the first story.
He published the first cartoon when he was in grade 10.
Published in the central and regional publications
(“Ogonek”, “Aif,” “New time”, “Izvestia”, Pravda “,” Kurantakh “, etc.).

Constantly printed in the magazine “Pepper”.
He has participated in competitions in Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, China, Kosovo, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, USA, Turkey, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, South Korea.

Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2008


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