Evtushenko Aleksey

Moscow, Russia


Cartoonist, science fiction writer, poet, bard, journalist

He was born on December 24, 1957 in the city of Dresden, Germany.
In 1975 he graduated from high school in Kushka (Turkmenistan) and in the same year entered the Lviv Polytechnic Institute in the Faculty of Architecture. He graduated in 1980.
In 1980 he came to the city of Rostov-on-Don for distribution. From 1980 to 1985 he worked as an architect and a monumental artist in various organizations.
Since 1979 – in the literature.
Since 1985 – in journalism.
From 1985 to 1988 he worked in the newspaper “Evening Rostov”.
From 1988 to 1999 – in the newspaper “Our Time” (the former “Komsomolets”).
Bard. Laureate of the festivals “Big Donbass” and “Eshar”.
In 1999 he moved to Moscow.
He published dozens of articles and hundreds of cartoons and drawings in various editions of the country.
Winner of the Literaturnaya Gazeta Prize “Golden Calf” for 1999, as the best caricaturist artist.
Poet, science fiction writer, screenwriter.

Member of the Union of Journalists of Russia since 1991.
Member of the Union of Russian Writers since 1996.
Member of the Union of Moscow Journalists since 2003.



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