Eliseev Konstantin

Moscow, Russia

Cartoonist, stage designer, costume designer

Russian Soviet artist.
He was born in St. Petersburg in 1890. He received his art education in 1910-1914 at the school of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts from AI Tvorozhnikov, F. F. Buchholz, A. Rylov, I. Ya. Bilibin, and others. He designed satirical drawings for newspapers and magazines, such as “Speech”, “Petersburg Journal”, as well as friendly cartoons for the magazine “Theater and Art”.
In 1911-1917 he worked as an actor and decorator in the foyer in the Petrograd theaters “Troitsky” and “Liteiny”, drew cartoons on the actors of the troupe.
He was engaged in 1918 in free art workshops (former Academy of Arts) from Professor V. V. Belyaev, then in VHUTEMAS at I. Pavlov in 1922-1923.
In newspapers and magazines printed since 1910. From the beginning of the 1920s he was engaged in designing performances in the First Belarusian Drama Theater, drawing cartoons on political and everyday topics for Moscow newspapers Gudok (1922-1968), Prozhektor (1923-1935), Behemoth (1924-1928) ), “Crocodile” (1924-1968). In 1941-1945 he painted cartoons for the magazine “Frontline Humor.”
He worked a lot in theaters, and the last 25 years – in the cinema and circus. He worked with young artists, in the period 1959-1961 he was the head of the studio of cartoonists at the magazine “Crocodile”.
For his services in the field of Soviet artistic satire K. Eliseev in 1945 was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.
He died in 1968.

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