Esquius Pierre Thorne

Barcelona, Spain


Сartoonist, painter, illustrator

In his work, quite often there are images of interiors – these are works of a small format with the absence of any characters. “The garden with a rocking chair”, although it is a street scene (the facade of the house is captured), retains the same feeling of intimacy and intimacy as in the master’s paintings, demonstrating the interior spaces. The silent plane-like world without the visible presence of a person is full of solid stability and hidden life, in a generally cold color, it blooms with bright inflorescences of garden plants and flashes in the form of goldfish floating in an aquarium that stands on a table inside the house. Depriving the image of the spatial dimension, the artist creates a kind of visual deception inside the pictorial world, all objects appear painted on the wall. This sensation, along with the use of contours and areas filled with no shades, unequivocal tones, makes a canvas with an illustration, a frame from a cartoon or even a child’s drawing while maintaining the thoughtful seriousness and depth of the work of art.

Reference:, 2008



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