Ek Sandor (Alex Keil)

Budapest, Hungary

27.08.1902 - 15.01.1975

Cartoonist, graphic artist, poster artist, painter

He was born on August 27, 1902 in the village of Sentmikhayfalva.
Hungarian painter and graphic artist.
He studied in the period of the Hungarian Soviet Republic (1919) at the Free Art School in Budapest.
After the fall of Soviet power in Hungary, he emigrated to Germany, and in 1933 – to the USSR. He created revolutionary posters and caricatures, distinguished by the sharpness of the drawing (the poster “10 years without Lenin”, 1934). Returning to Hungary (1945), he worked as a graphic (series of lithographs “Memento”, 1958) and a painter, actively asserting the principles of realistic art. Prize them. Kosuta (1951).



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