Beijing, China

Cartoonist, comic artist, critic

Since the beginning of 1980 led reviews of films, literature and creative writing, he was a film critic and wrote for various newspapers and magazines. The country has about 50 publications, for which received a national award. He created more than 3,000 comics published in over than 400 newspapers. He participated in the international competitions of caricatures in Poland, Finland, France, Italy, Austria, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, India, Australia, Turkey, Slovakia, Bulgaria, China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Macedonia, Ukraine , Cyprus, Kosovo, Mexico, Belgium, Brazil, Pakistan, Romania, Bosnia, Herzegovina and in other countries. He received the first prize in the international competition on the Turkish caricature on “Drought and Water”, 2011, honorable mention in Russia and Argentina in the international competition for cartoons. He has published a number of works, including a collection of “anti-corruption” comics. He received a bronze medal in 2013 in the United States at the international competition of art. Prize in 2014 in Lebanon on “condemn terrorism,” 3rd International exhibition of caricatures

BEC 2014

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