Durovic Mladen

Belgrade, Serbia

Cartoonist, painter, graphic designer

He graduated from the painting department in Belgrade (Faculty of Fine Arts), at the course of Professor Zhivoyn Turinsky.
He continued his studies in France, in Eco-de-Bo-Art (Aix-en province) and at the Applied Arts School (Angouleme).
In the 80s he published works in all leading magazines and newspapers in Yugoslavia (Politika, Novosti, Hedgehog, Pobeda, Nin, Duga, Reporter, Delo, Yu “).
As a student, he received the first prize for comics at an international contest in Yugoslavia and a silver card for a caricature in Ancona (Italy).
In addition to local media, he published works in Ulenshigel (Germany), Rogach (Czech Republic), Palante (Cuba), Besye (Switzerland).
As a professional cartoonist Hedgehog, in the nineties he left a strong mark in the political caricature (Jež and Blic).
In the late nineties, graphic design became the dominant activity in Opus Auto (Business Čukarica, Gradić Rodić, Montavija, Informatika, Interexport).
As part of the exhibition activities in Belgrade, he organized three conceptual exhibitions: “Portraits of Architecture” (2010), “Designing Life” (2012) and “Traditionally Modern” (2013).

During the first decade of the new millennium, the mass media of painting and poetry are at the forefront, in 2012 Progreso Gallery in Belgrade organized personal exhibitions, with the same name of a collection of poems.
He is the winner of 32 international and national cartoon contests.

BEC 2017

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